Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wildcat Wendesday in Washington

When another beautiful day in the nation's capital as we toured all around, seeing incredible sites and in general having a great time in celebration of the birth of Mr. Schwieters.  Are awesome day began with a stroll down to the United States Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon 9/11 memorial. We haven't taking a group of kids to the Pentagon Memorial, and this will certainly be a yearly tradition.  We then headed out to the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum where we saw all about everything that flies (except for birds). Students toured the incredible exhibits, saw a bazillion different types of aircraft, and even piloted a few similar simulators of their own.  We took a quick stop to the Library of Congress, strolled around the Capitol grounds, and ended our afternoon at the enjoyable Newseum.  Everybody is putting on their dancing shoes as we are heading out to the Potomac River cruise in a couple of minutes. We will post some pictures of that a little later. It's great day in Washington DC!

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