Sunday, April 20, 2014

Looking for some DC apps?

Historical tourists, there are some super sweet apps out there that can make your DC experience even more educational and exciting.  You may want to try ...

  • will be our major medium of communication - you can download the app here!
  • Aris from iTunes - we used this for Lewis and Clark, and we could have some fun with it in DC as well.
  • Want an app for the cool stuff on the National Mall?  Check out the official app from iTunes and Google Play.
  • The Smithsonian has an app that covers many of its museums.  You can download it from iTunes and Google Play – and it’s my favorite flavor – free!
  • You can also download a WWII Memorial app for iTunes and Google Play.
  • You can access more information from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund app, available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • You can learn more about the historic aircraft and space artifacts on display in the Air and Space Museum with the COPILOT mobile site, available at
  • The National Gallery of Art has an awesome app available for iTunes and Google Play.
  • There are a few great apps out there for Gettysburg.  Check out the battle app from NeoTreks on iTunes and Google Play, and the Lincoln 1863 app on iTunes .
  • The Arlington National Cemetery Explorer app is available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Check out the National Archives' highlight of the day on their app, available on iTunes and Google Play
  • Check out the National Zoo app on iTunes and Google Play (if you want to spend $1.99).
  • The Library of Congress has a tour app at on iTunes.
  • You can listen to an audio tour of the memorial from the Pentagon Memorial website.

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