Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday - Taking DC by storm (actually, just a little light rain)

It was definitely a day to remember in the nation’s capital – and in Milwaukee, where half of our group spent Monday night!  After an early wake up call, the intrepid end of the alphabet travelers learned the power of the food voucher, stumbled on to the rescheduled flight, and made it to DC in no time.   The group became whole again at Ford’s Theater, where we saw “One Destiny”, a two person play detailing the assassination of our 16th President.  A solemn visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum followed, where our young historians did Mrs. Reimer proud with their careful attention to the powerful exhibits.  After lunch, we hit everyone’s favorite museum, the American history Museum (well, at least one person’s favorite) and found out some interesting tidbits of information.  Our White House picture stop followed – hopefully it will make it in the yearbook!  We then visited the memorials of the initials guys – MLK, FDR, and TJ.  Students took pictures of important quotes and image, which we will hopefully use in class when we return.  A visit to nationals Park finished the night, here we say Albert Pujols hit his 500th home run and Abe Lincoln win the Racing Presidents.  All in all, a dull day – with a great bunch of young travelers!

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